Easy As Pie Ribbed Beanie

Are you ready for an uncomplicated pattern?! This beanie is seriously “easy as pie” to work up and you’ll definitely love the results. I love how stretchy this hat is and that it’s long enough to fold and create a lovely brim, and the pom-pom brings it all together. Ready?! Let’s go!


-I hook (5.5mm)

-1 skein yarn (I used my favorite, Caron Simply Soft)

-Tapestry needle



1. sc chainless foundation = 47sts or 13″ long

2. ch 1, sc in BACK LOOPS ONLY across, ch 1, turn

**Repeat row 2 until 17″ long**

3. ch 1, sc evenly across edge to create a border, fasten off leaving a very long tail.

4. Fold in half long-ways and sew up seam to create a tube.

5. Weave tail in and out along top edge, pull to cinch top shut, sew across hole to close completely, fasten off, weave in end. Attach pom-pom if desired and enjoy!!

I made this bottom pic with the Prisma app and I love it!


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