Thick Herringbone Earwarmer (kids-adults)

You guys, I am obsessed with the herringbone crochet stitch! If you can do a half-double stitch then you can definitely do this, and if you aren’t sure then don’t worry at all, it’s easy to learn! I’ve also seen this stitch called a knotted half-double crochet stitch, whatever you decide to call it you must agree that the result is absolutely lovely! I really wanted to create a little something for some lovely ladies in my life for Valentine’s Day and since it’s been so darn cold this winter I thought these earwarmers would be perfect, plus, they won’t mess up your hair (much like the popular messy bun beanie)! I’m going to include a few tutorial links below just to make things a bit easier, you’ll need to know how to do a chainless sc (single crochet) foundation stitch, the herringbone stitch, and sc stitch, so please check out these tutorials before you begin.

Chainless sc foundation

Herringbone stitch (Hhdc)

Standard sc stitch

Just look at how beautiful that herringbone stitch turns out! I love it! 

Alright, shall we begin? Let’s go! Here’s what you’ll need:

I/9 hook (5.5mm)

1 skein preferred yarn (I used Caron Simply Soft & Patons Classic Wool in Aran Tweed)

Tapestry needle

Tape measure

1″ Buttons (optional): 3 for kids, 4 for teens/small adult, 5 for larger adult


1. sc chainless foundation = 15″ long (about 50sts), slip stitch to form a loop (careful not to twist your work!), ch 1.

2-14. Hhdc around continuously.

15. sc around, slip stitch to close, fasten off – leave a long tail to attach the buttons, weave in ends and enjoy!

Teen/Small Adult (most women):

1. sc chainless foundation = 16″ (55-56sts), sl st to form a loop, ch 1.

2-17. Hhdc around continuously.

18. sc around, sl st to finish – leave long tail to sew on buttons, weave in ends.

Average/Larger Adult (women-men):

1. sc chainless foundation = 17″ (59-60sts), sl st to form loop, ch 1.

2-19. Hhdc around continuously.

20. sc around, sl st to finish – leave long tail to sew on buttons, weave in ends.


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