Shiloh’s Striped Blanket

I have finally finished this beautiful blanket for my baby nephew and I am so very excited to share the pattern with you! It only requires 2 stitches so it’s really quite simple. It’s recommended that baby blankets measure at least 40×60″, this ended up measuring 40.5×45.5″, if you want yours to be longer simply add in another block of color, any shade of blue, or even white would look gorgeous. Ready?? Let’s go!

(See stitch explanations at the very bottom)

Shiloh’s Striped Blanket:

*2 skeins of each color

H hook (5mm)


Tapestry needle

1. sc chainless foundation = 142sts

2. Ch 1, turn, *sc, Hhdc* across, end with sc, ch 1, turn = 142sts

3. *Hhdc, sc* across, ending with Hhdc, ch 1, turn = 142sts

Repeat rows 2 & 3 until desired length, fasten off, see row 156 below.


Rows 1-31. Caron Simply Soft “Dark Country Blue”

Rows 32-62. Caron Simply Soft “Soft Blue”

Rows 63-93. Caron Simply Soft “Cobalt Blue”

Rows 94-124. Caron Simply Soft “Royal Blue”

Rows 125-155. Caron Simply Soft “Dark Country Blue”

Row 156. Starting in one corner, sc evenly along side, then across top, then along remaining side – 3sc in corners, finish by completing 3 sc in last corner, then sl st in next stitch to complete. Fasten off & weave in ends.

Voila! Enjoy your beautiful new blanket!

Stitch explanations:

sc chainless foundation (click for tutorial)

sc = single crochet stitch

Hhdc = herringbone half-double crochet stitch

sl st = slip stitch

Here’s a close-up of the stitches, isn’t it just lovely?

Here’s a handy chart I found online 🙂


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