Rippled Chevron Baby Blanket

I am SO excited to share this blanket pattern with you! I love how this blanket turned out and I love the rippled texture, oh, and I love the height of the chevron pattern! Some chevron blankets have rather dramatic peaks and valleys but I really wanted something more subtle for my sweet baby niece. Another big perk is that you only need to use a single crochet stitch which not only means this pattern is simple, but that it’s also rather fast to work up! Enjoy!

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J hook (6mm)

3 skeins color A (Caron Simply Soft soft pink)

2 skeins color B (Caron Simply Soft orchid)

2 skeins white

1 skein heather grey – or use scrap yarn

Tapestry needle


1. Chainless sc foundation = 143sts

2. ch 1, turn, BACK LOOPS ONLY, sc in 1st, sk 1, *sc 6, 2 sc, sc 6, sk 1*, repeat ** across, end with sk 1, sc in last, ch 1, turn.

Repeat row 2 throughout (see ** below for tips). Here’s my color pattern:

Rows 1-10 soft pink

11-14 white

15-16 heather grey

17-20 white

21-30 orchid

31-34 white

35-36 heather grey

37-40 white

41-50 soft pink 

51-54 white

55-56 heather grey

57-60 white

61-70 orchid

71-74 white

75-76 heather grey

77-80 white

81-90 soft pink

91-94 white

95-96 heather grey

97-100 white

101-110 orchid

111-114 white

115-116 heather grey

117-120 white

121-130 soft pink

My final product measures 35″ wide, 42.5″ long; a good size for a baby or toddler to snuggle with. 

**The final stitch can be a little tricky so I’ve included some photos to help you out. You skip the last obvious stitch (sk 1), and you sc in the last loop. You typically don’t complete rows this way but I really love the straight edge you’re left with, I usually sc along the edges of every blanket I make to make it straight but completing the rows this way leaves you with a nice straight edge and eliminates the need to sc a row when you’re completely finished!

See how I insert the hook in that last loop? Be sure to not pull this stitch too tightly! Pulling it too tight will make completing rows difficult and will cause the edge to turn inwards rather than laying flat.

Go ahead and complete your sc!

Doesn’t it just look lovely? I LOVE that gorgeous straight edge!

I love this rippled texture of this blanket!

I would love to see how your blankets turn out so feel free to share!

Here are a few pictures of my littlest man enjoying the blanket before it makes it’s way to his new baby cousin 😍

He was loving how soft it is!


I cannot wait to see my newest niece loving on her blanket!

I love this handy chart! I don’t go by the exact measurements but they are helpful.


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