Easy Stuffed Bunny

Aren’t these bunnies just darling?! I made a cute amigurumi bunny for my niece when she was just a baby and now that she’s almost 8 I thought I ought to make her a larger bunny! And, I just had to make one for her little sister as well! This pattern isn’t my own but I absolutely adore it, you can find it for free here: http://www.1dogwoof.com/floppy-stuffed-bunny-crochet-pattern-easter/ 

You can also purchase an add-free version from her Etsy shop (which I did).  

Rather than attaching pom poms for the tail I opted to sew hearts, I found this incredibly cute and easy pattern and have added it to my favorites! Each heart only took a minute or two to whip up and they are just what I wanted. 

I’m the type that REALLY struggles with following patterns, recipes, instructions, etc as given – it’s so difficult for me to not make something my own – but if you do make this pattern I suggest you give heed to her tips and instructions, I’m certainly glad I did! I have fallen in love with this yarn too, I love the look, and these bunnies are incredibly soft and snugly! 

And, just a couple shots of my almost-5-year-old so you can get an idea as to the size of these finished bunnies, plus, I just adore my sweet boy. ❤️


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