Super Easy & Stretchy Ribbed Beanie

Here is a great pattern for a gorgeous ribbed beanie! I came up with this one after my hubs accidentally washed and dried his favorite wool beanie – it now fits our 18 month old (I’m still laughing over it). So, I wanted to make some sort of replacement, we live in one of the coldest areas in the contiguous United States so it had to be warm, and since he spends so much time outdoors I felt I needed to use “outdoorsy” colors, and ya know, I really loved how it turned out! And even better, the hubs loves it as well! He was sure I had done some fancy stitching and was surpsired that it was only one crochet stitch (he’s really great at puffing up my ego). I really love the look of this “tweeds yarn” and it really is so soft and warm, and I love that it only took 1 ball of this yarn to make this hat, there was just enough left to finish sewing the hat! So, this really is a great hat for men and women and you can even attach a Pom Pom on top if you’d like. Oh, and did I mention you only need to know one stitch?? It seriously doesn’t get much easier than that! Let’s get started!

What you’ll need:

H/8-5.00mm hook

1 ball Paton’s Classic Wool Tweeds Yarn

Tapestry needle



1. Chainless hdc foundation = 14″/53sts

2. Chain 1, turn, hdc across in BACK LOOPS ONLY.

*Repeat row 2 until your piece is about 14.5″ long.*

3. Fold in half and line up seams, then sew the seam shut.

4. Weave yarn in and out of stitches along the top then cinch it as tightly as you can – there will still be a small hole. Then sew across the hole so that the top is completely closed.

5. Weave in ends and enjoy!

Finished rectangle:

Sewing seam:

Sewing hole on top shut:

Finished hat! The only thing left to do is get a picture of my hubs wearing this gem!


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