Easy Chevron Baby Blanket

I love this pattern so much that I’ve made more than 1 blanket! I found the pattern here and have only made a couple of changes, it’s really a wonderful pattern. This pattern only uses a sc stitch so it’s very easy and works up rather quickly. Once again, I use a chainless foundation stitch – gosh, don’t you just love this method?! – so I’ve included a shot of my handy sticky note again along with this great tutorial:

Don’t you just love this pattern?! I just adore this blanket and will be making more in the future, maybe even a bigger blanket for myself! (Make sure you check out the original post here.)

Let’s get started! Here’s what you’ll need:

I hook

Desired yarn – I used Caron Simply Soft – I didn’t track how much I used but I’d recommend starting with 4 balls of yarn.


1. sc chainless foundation = 183 sts

2. sc in 2nd from hook, *sc in next 14, 3sc in next, sc in next 14, sk 1*. Repeat from ** across, end with sk 1 and sc in last, ch 1 and turn.

3. sc in 1st, sk 1, *sc next 14, 3sc next, sc next 14, sk 2* repeat across, end with sc in last stitch.

Repeat row 3 until you reach your desired length, changing colors as desired. Weave in ends.

For a more rippled look crochet in the back loops only. Also, to increase width increase your beginning stitch count by multiples of 15, or by 30 for a more symmetrical look.

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