Jaxon’s Striped Blanket

This has been the year for babies and blankets in our family! I created this gem for our newest baby nephew, Jaxon, who is actually being born tonight! I cannot wait to see the little man! This really is a rather simple pattern and easily customizable, you could use any color scheme really, so get creative and have fun!


I/9-5.5mm hook

4 skeins main color – I used Caron Simply Soft in white

Scraps for stripes


(Beginning chains do not count as 1st)

1. sc chainless foundation = 123 sts (38″ long)

2. ch 2, turn, dc in 1st & across = 123

3. ch 1, turn, sc in 1st and across = 123

4-23. Repeat rows 2-3, ending with sc row.

24-33. Alternate stitch rows – ch 2, 2sc in 1st, skip next, *2sc, sk 1* across, end with 2sc, sk 1, sc in last.

34-54. Repeat rows 2 & 3, starting and ending with sc rows.

55-64. Alternate stitch.

65-85. Repeat rows 2 & 3, starting and ending with sc rows.

86-95. Alternate stitch.

96-116. Repeat rows 2 & 3, starting and ending with sc rows.

For contrast stripes use desired colors and chain 130. Weave in and out dc stitches in dc rows as desired, then gently pull strand to tighten.

Pull remaining chain undone just enough to reach the edge, leave a bit of a tail to be sew in when crocheting hem.

Starting in any corner, sl st desired hem color, chain 1, the sc around blanket, crochet on top of stripe tails as you go, and do 3 sc in each corner. When you get back to where you started do a sl st, then fasten off and weave in end.

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